About Me

Welcome, everyone, to my personal blog. My name is Michael Nunn, although I am also comfortable being called Mike, and in some circles go by the nickname “CryptoCracker”. At the end of the day it is not my title that defines me, but the vision that I wish to share with the world.

I am a commited cypherpunk and remain loyal to the principles of personal privacy and the opposition to censorship.

Over the course of my working career I spent many years employed in the electrical trade, an industry that I enjoyed being involved with, but one that I always felt could not let me fully express my vision for advanced technologies. Indeed, my vision required me to step away from that traditional industry in order to manifest itself in my own mind.

Over the course of the past decade since leaving that trade, I have become enthralled by the idea of people taking responsibility for their own privacy, their own finances, and their own lives.

My idealistic outlook and continual search for knowledge and truth met head-on with the crypto world earlier in 2017, and I have been immersed in the blockchain technology and the burgeoning social movement that has manifested around it, ever since.

Part of my vision is to create bitcoin mining solutions that address concerns about the environmental impact of large scale electricity usage by utilising clean energy sources such as solar power generation.

I believe that the advances in solar power technology and the associated reduction in costs of the same, make it not only a viable and sensible option for bitcoin and crypto currency mining, but one that is going to become increasingly vital to the bitcoin network and to humanity as a whole.

It is my belief that we must develop clean energy technologies and integrate them fully into emerging industries, such as crypto currency mining, rather than try to fight the existing fossil fuel paradigm that is so heavily entrenched into traditional and non-technical industries as to make widespread adoption of clean energy into those industries an uphill, if not un-winnable battle.

Solar power is as much of an affront to the existing paradigm as is bitcoin, therefore I feel we must combine the enthusiam for and momentum of both technologies, in order to make the type of change required to lead the world out of economic slavery and into the age of a free and open society.

Won’t you join me in my personal quest to make this a better world for all humanity?